1st Certified Passive Project in Manhattan


Manhattan has its first Passive Certified project 25 West 88th Street is both Passive Certified as well as certified LEED Platinum.

Meticulously restoring the Landmarked front facade and reinstalling the original stoop that was previously removed made for an exceptionally interesting project. The combination of Passive House certified construction and LEED Platinum requirements have raised the standards of historic restoration.

Baxt Ingui would like to say thank you to everyone on the team including:


Contractor: Taffera Inc. Fine Building and Finishes, Inc.

Mechanical Engineer: Rosini Engineering

Structural Engineer: D’Huy Engineering, Inc.

Passive House Consultant: Sam McAfee

Passive House Certifier and Technical Adviser: Passive House Academy

LEED Consultant: Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

Landscape Designer: Project Plant LLC

Interior Designer: BIA Interiors LLC

Air Sealing: AEA Inc.

Photographer: Peter R. Peirce, Inc.


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