1st Passive Plus House in the United States!

Baxt Ingui is excited to share that 78 Third Place is the first Passive Plus House in the United States!


We would like to thank everyone on the team for their creativity and hard work. 78 Third Place is one in a series of 7 Passive Houses that was included in a highly collaborative effort between six Contractors, three Engineers, a number of Passive House Consultants, and environmentally conscious clients. Over the last two years, this focused group and collaborative effort allowed for a highly efficient process resulting in a systematic approach that others could follow to more easily achieve Passive House Certification. 


Thanks again to a great team including:

Contractor: PJoe Construction

Mechanical Engineer: RJD Engineering LLC

Structural Engineer: D’Huy Engineering, Inc.

Passive House Consultant: Sam McAfee

Passive House Certifier and Technical Adviser: Passive House Academy

Interior Designer: BIA Interiors LLC

Air Sealing: PJoe Construction

Photographer: John Muggenborg Photography


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