Architectural Digest Show

BIA Interior attended the 2016 Architectural Digest show, a trade show which kicks off the spring design season in NY and showcases the latest and best ideas in home design.

Here are some of our favorites from this year’s show:



URBAN CULTIVATOR is a kitchen appliance the size of a dishwasher that you can grow a garden in. It is easy to install, is self watering, and is fitted with grow lights so even those of us without a green thumb can grow our own micro-greens and herbs locally in our own kitchens. Base out of Vancouver Canada, this company has a gem of an idea.






PENNOYER NEWMAN really caught our eye at this year’s AD Show. Inspired by the beauty and grace of ancient vessels, Pennoyer Newman is an NYC based company that casts replicas of historic urns, vessels and planters. They currently offer a selection of over 400 vessel replicas, as well as distinct garden objects. Using a stone resin, they create planters and decorative pieces and that are both lightweight, durable, and weather resistant. The use of natural stone rather than a synthetic material promotes the growth of moss and lichen, creating a classic look that is perfect for gardens.









FLAT VERNACULAR is a design studio that specializes in handmade wallpapers and fabrics. Their products are designed in-house, screen printed by hand and produced with local materials. With several showrooms through-out the United States, they offer bold colorful prints as well as a selection of subtle delicate patterns, additionally they are able to custom colorize any wallpaper. A huge bonus of this company is their commitment to the environment; all of the ink used is produced in the USA, and the waste created during production is recycled.









OLAMPIA is a NYC lighting studio that makes every fixture to order. They have a beautiful range of standard fixtures, but will happily work on any custom order. BIA Interiors specifies Olampia fixtures on almost every project because we love working with them and keeping it local. At their AD booth this year they were showcasing new LED fixtures they’ve developed along with their latest sculptural work.