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Home Movie Theater … Popcorn Anyone?

Baxt Ingui had the opportunity to include this home movie theater in a Brooklyn townhouse cellar – a welcome change from the typical, utilitarian storage spaces. The existing cellar was excavated to create stadium seating, which required a structural foundation shelf that is cleverly re-purposed as a viewing platform for the kids. BIA Interiors incorporated…

Passive House

Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds

We’ll be blogging about some interesting passive topics in 2018. Take 90 seconds to watch this brief, easy to understand, summarized video about the principles of Passive House!  

Architectural/Project Related News


The existing dark and utilitarian rooftop addition was re-designed with larger openings and new folding doors, bringing natural light into the interior space. The new side staircase took a dark unused space to provide direct access to another upper roof terrace.  The contractor was IA Construction Management and the landscape designer was Gunn Landscape Architecture.

Architectural/Project Related News

2017 New Gravity Housing Conference

We are excited to announce that Michael Ingui, along with Jordan Dentz (Levy Partnership) and David Fineehirsch (Urban Artisan) will be giving a presentation on “Real World Challenges of Passive House in the Real World Market” at the 2017 New Gravity Housing Conference in Philadelphia on Thursday, August 3rd.  He will be discussing the Passive…

Architectural/Project Related News

Grace Court Alley Carriage House

The goal in converting this carriage house to residential use was to create light filled integrated interior spaces that had a seamless relationship to the exterior. It was a fun project that the entire team enjoyed being a part of.  Special thanks to the folks at Taffera Fine Buildings Finishes – always a pleasure to…

Architectural/Project Related News

Manhattan Gets its Second Passive House

This Passive House proves, yet again, that you can combine the restoration of a historic townhouse with incredible building quality and performance. This Upper West Side renovation located at 53st West 71st street  defies the skepticism surrounding Passive House by including features that have often been considered necessary sacrifices in order to create a sealed,…

Architectural/Project Related News

Ethanol Fireplaces

The movement toward energy efficiency and the requirements of the New York City Building Department has directed a number of our clients to seek out alternatives to the traditional fireplace. Ethanol and gel-fueled fireplaces use a renewable, carbon-neutral fuel that results in a drastically smaller ecological footprint making it an excellent alternative that is good for…

Articles and Media

Recently Completed Baxt Ingui Project on Apartment Therapy

Photographs of a recently completed Baxt Ingui townhouse renovation are featured in an apartment therapy article on the year-round cleaning of hardwood floors. This townhouse has new select grade, white oak floors throughout with a herringbone pattern featured at the parlor level.