Before + After: A House to Fit a Growing Family

This playful project was designed with a young couple moving from their Manhattan apartment into a Brooklyn brownstone. During the renovation, our construction scope expanded as the family grew with kids. Along with interior renovations and re-programming of the space, an existing rear extension was re-designed and enlarged.

Design challenges and solutions:

  1. The existing kitchen was located in the rear extension and our design solution was to create a centralized kitchen space, in the middle of the Parlor Floor, to connect the front dining room and the living room towards the back.
  2. The architectural interior details were composed of mismatched and dark wood finishes, creating dark spaces. The solution was to brighten the house with lighter colors and finishes as well as creating new openings and enlarging existing openings where possible.
  3. The existing staircase was in the center of the floor plan, creating non-functional adjacent spaces. After several design schemes, the solution was to re-orient the staircase from the cellar to the top floor in order to allow functional spaces on every floor that were uninterrupted by circulation.

See the complete project page for a more interactive before and after experience.

Finish Photography: Nicole Franzen