Before + After: Thoughtful Changes for a 25 Foot Wide Townhouse

This unique project posed many interesting challenges and details structurally, programmatically, and aesthetically. Upon purchasing this twenty five foot wide brownstone in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, the Owners were charmed by some of the house’s existing historic details, but knew updates and repairs would be necessary to fit the needs and lifestyle of their growing family.

To combine the house’s past with the current needs of the Owners, the historic scale and details at the front of the house were restored. The renovation included a two story rear addition that not only enlarged the existing kitchen, but also combined the kitchen and formal dining room into one large eating, dining and entertaining space. To keep the space as expansive as possible, and to take advantage of the atypically wide house, the structural bearing line was removed at the rear, creating one 25 foot wide space. This allowed for maximum ceiling height and natural light to be brought into the space with new floor to ceiling doors and large, double hung windows.

The desire to maximize space and natural light was also a priority at the garden floor rear, which was also augmented with the two story addition. This open space is used as a large family room for casual hangout, entertaining and the children’s playroom. The expansive rear façade glazing, made up of doors and windows, create both a visual and physical connection from the garden level and parlor level to the rear yard. By preserving the scale and detail at the parlor front, we were able to focus on updating the rear portions of the house to keep up with modern living.

See the complete project page for a more interactive before and after experience.

Finish Photography: Adam Kane Macchia Photography