Before + After: Tricky Extension Unlocks Potential for Modern Living

Our clients came to us after purchasing this Brooklyn Heights townhouse to maximize useable while making it more functional for their young family’s lifestyle. The solution involved a two-story rear addition that allowed the kitchen to be relocated from the garden level to the parlor in order to make the parlor level less of a formal space and more central to the family’s routine. The main dining and living rooms were also located on the parlor level to facilitate this goal. The garden level became an informal TV and game room. The cellar was transformed into more liveable space with a home theater.

Because Landmarks requested that the existing, smaller extension on the upper floors remain intact, it became a major challenge to support the upper floors while we built the new, larger extension underneath. This, coupled with digging out the cellar for a taller ceiling height meant that substantial support had to be engineered for the upper floor extension while a new foundation and extension was built underneath it.

The lower floors now accommodate all the family’s needs and the center of the home now radiates from the parlor floor whereas before, kitchen, dining, and living were compartmentalized across two floors. Although it required some structural acrobatics, the new extension made it all possible. And the smaller extension that we kept on the upper floors became the perfect place for a home office, a laundry room, and a secluded roof terrace.

See the complete project page for a more interactive before and after experience.

Finish Photography: Adam Kane Macchia Photography