BIA Interiors Feature: “Jewel Box” Powder Rooms

When you live in a place like New York City, you know that space can be a little tight and it is almost blasphemous to leave any corner of your home unused. At BIA Interiors, we like to make sure your spaces are designed efficiently to fit every single one of your needs so that means every space is taken care of.

Powder rooms are our favorite little “jewel boxes”, as we like to call them, because they serve a big purpose and create an even bigger design opportunity. Having a bathroom solely for guests is a luxury in a city that is tight on space. If it is possible to have one, our intent is to have everyone talking about every last striking detail – making it a memorable room and not just “another bathroom”.

The trend of creating powder rooms with a big creative impact has spread fast and is now not only for smaller homes. It creates an experience not only for your guests, but also for our clients to be a little more adventurous when it comes to designing. Most are nervous to commit to bright colors or large scale wallpaper designs in their bedrooms or day-to-day bathrooms, but a powder room seems like the perfect area to venture out and try something a little more daring. We love this trend and encourage all our clients to have fun with creating hidden gems in their homes. Who knows, you might want to be a little bolder with the rest of your home after seeing your little “jewel box” come to life. Check out a few of our favorite powder rooms below.

We used larger scale wallpaper prints in these powder rooms for a real “wow” factor. Anyone who enters these powder rooms does not notice the space being smaller but rather focuses on how interesting and beautiful the walls are.
Our clients for these powder rooms wanted smaller scale and softer prints, so we opted for more consistent graphics. These spaces are prime examples that adding a burst of color or a fun, small scale pattern can still make a big impact.

Photography: Adam Kane Macchia Photography