BIA Interiors Feature: Making A Grand Entrance

Small entry spaces make a big impact. Not only does an entry space serve a functional purpose by providing a designated area to leave keys, hang coats and set your shoes, it’s also the first impression of the home and is an opportunity to set the tone for the style of the house.

Many of our BIA Interiors clients’ homes are city apartments or townhouses. It is no secret that space is oftentimes limited in city dwellings. We see the space constraints as an opportunity for creativity, especially in the entry areas, where the design expression should make the home feel warm and inviting while still being functional. Thoughtful furniture placement helps carve out a designated arrival area using a console table, hooks, or shelving near the doorway.

When working with limited space it is key to establish a main focal point. In entry spaces, we like to do this by using large, eye catching mirrors. Aside from being functional, a large mirror creates a big impact by reflecting light and making a small space feel larger. For even more function, mount the mirror to the wall above a console table to keep surfaces clear as a drop area.

A great way to tie in the style of the home to the entry is to incorporate materials that are used elsewhere in the home such as brass and marble. To prevent clutter in an open layout, an entryway is best accented with simple objects like floral vases and catch-all trays.

Check out a few of our favorite entry spaces.

Finish photography by Adam Kane Macchia Photography