BIA Interiors Feature: Organizational Tips to Ease Into the New School Year 

As we say goodbye to summer, we say hello to back-to-school nights; it can be daunting to get kids ready to pick up the pencils again, but with the right organization and setup, we can make the transition a lot smoother. The secret is to make small but impactful changes around your space to get you and your kids ready for the school season. These changes can be anything from setting up the desk space with fresh stationary to making sure your kitchen is equipped with on-the-go meals and snacks etc. If you start to make these little changes week by week, you will definitely feel more in control and ready to take on the school year.

One of the best ways we helped a client of ours get organized was by installing magnetic chalkboards to their fridge. This ensures everyone is on the same page about school meetings, after-school events, and even meal/snack prep so kids know what to expect and when/what to eat. For a simple solution, try buying a chalkboard stick-on for your fridge or a framed chalkboard to keep near your fridge or desk space.

Another way to get your kids geared up for the school year is to make their desk spaces fun and personal for them. This helps them stay focused and have a designated space for homework, studying, pre-and-post school bag prep, and  virtual classes, if applicable. See below for two amazing desk spaces we created for our younger clientele.

A few other ways we love to stay organized are keeping a clutter-free mudroom for easy access out-the-door on rushed mornings or creating your own mudroom with hooks and cubbies near the entrance, making sure bathrooms are streamlined with all the necessities in labeled bins and turntables to get kids (and yourself) ready, stock up and prepare your laundry space because those laundry loads are only going to get bigger, and organize closets and dressers with systems that accommodate easy access to socks, undergarments, and plan-ahead weekly outfits.

We guarantee that if you start implementing even one or two of these tips, your days will be significantly easier. Now go forth and conquer the school year with confidence and much needed organization.

Photography: Adam Kane Macchia Photography