BIA Interiors Feature: Refreshing Spaces with Accessories and Art

Have you ever noticed how fresh flowers can really spruce up a place? Or perhaps adding or rearranging pillows can make a world of a difference? Maybe you haven’t tried because you’re thinking such small changes will never be noticed. Well, if you think accessorizing and adding art is not worth it, we’re here to prove to you that it most certainly is!

This home was personalized with our client’s favorite books and collection of accessories. We added soft and lush materials to make the space as comfortable and cozy as possible. Adequate lighting, translucent drapery, their favorite flowers, and perfect reading nooks also tailor the home to our clients’ needs.

Oftentimes, we’ll complete a full renovation and add new furniture and, while everything will look sparkly new and beautiful, it can still feel like something is missing. That something is character – a uniqueness that can only be filled with the final touch of accessories and art. Styling a home with throws, pillows, books, candles, and art that expresses you can make your home feel complete and more importantly, your own. 

This space is filled with memorabilia and books from our client’s travel, plus a few other pieces we found that she absolutely loved. We layered all the pieces to create color and character while emphasizing the grand ceiling height.

At BIA Interiors, we want to make a space feel like your home – that means filling it with pieces you want to see and feel comfortable with every single day. We want you to look at that couch or bed and feel immense happiness about your space. As an interior design firm, we will always guide you to the most beautiful and new pieces in the design and art world. In addition to being beautiful, we also make sure the pieces resonate with you in order to make the end result a space you never want to leave.

Photography: Adam Kane Macchia Photography