BIA Interiors Feature: The Many Possibilities of a Kitchen Backsplash

Selecting the right backsplash for your kitchen can be one of the most exciting steps of the design process. It’s an opportunity to build your kitchen’s aesthetic character and will truly complete your kitchen. There are so many different options available, all varying in color, texture, pattern, and size, that can accommodate any design style. Every kitchen we design has its own character and we always enjoy narrowing down the options to prioritize what is important to you. This means making sure that your backsplash will accomplish your main goal whether that be durability, seamlessness, color, or even texture.

While backsplashes can be a “wow” factor in a kitchen, finding the material that meets the clients’ functional and aesthetic goals really makes the perfect kitchen. A ceramic tile or a manmade stone like quartz have excellent durability and are available with hand-made finishes, patterns, or beveled-edges that enhance the texture or color, if desired. A marble or quartz slab has a seamless, clean look. When we are trying to achieve multiple goals for a client, like a durable material that has a unique appearance, a textured ceramic or porcelain tile offer many distinctive variations. Whatever our clients decide, we always want them to have fun with it and pick what’s right for their needs. Please view some of our installations below.

This kitchen includes a gorgeous marble slab backsplash to enhance the modern, clean, and seamless look. The prominent veining against the white cabinets makes a big impact in this space.
Our client wanted to create a fun and colorful kitchen, but still wanted it to be elegant, so we used a uniquely patterned tile that continued the blue motif.
To achieve a clean and classic look that had a unique twist, we chose a square and triangular ceramic tile combination in a white, glossy finish to create a classic, yet subtly distinctive look.
To maximize the clean and bright appearance of this prep area off our client’s kitchen, we installed a small-scaled white tile that keeps the space feeling light but is also durable and cost-effective in this less visible area.

Photography: Adam Kane Macchia Photography