BIA Interiors Feature: The Power of Paint

Do not underestimate the impact that paint can have on a space. While we love wallpaper, sometimes bold paint can be more transformative. It is a less permanent and more inexpensive way to create a statement. Creative paint solutions are especially useful in kid’s bedrooms where they may outgrow a specific patterned wallpaper or may want to change styles as they grow up. A bold paint is also a great way to spruce up a small space. Oftentimes clients think that white or neutral colors are the best way to brighten up a small space, but in fact the opposite is true. A rich, dark color can work to enhance a space as bold colors help define spaces and create focal points.

Our client’s teenage son wanted a room that reflected his style, this meant a combination of neon colors and moody hues. We painted the trim, doors, and built-in bookcases a rich black color. Painting the trim is a great way to make a big impact and use a dark color without overwhelming the space. To create an accent wall and bring in the neon colors, we layered Washi Tape stripes in various diagonal lines across the wall behind the bed, this gives the effect of wallpaper, but the tape can be easily removed.
For this toddler’s “treehouse” room, we brought in a touch of color by painting the built in bookcase an eye catching teal blue. The bright color creates the perfect backdrop for layering children’s books and toys.
In this bathroom we choose to paint the walls a true black. It may feel like an unexpected color choice for a bathroom, but it helps to ground the room and balances the bright white subway tiles. The dark color also makes the artwork pop.

Photography: Adam Kane Macchia Photography