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How to Stay Cool in the Heat Wave

The insulation and air sealing implemented in our Passive projects keep the interiors at comfortable temperatures all year round, even through blistering heat waves and frigid snow storms, with very little help from mechanical systems. Part of this is due to the insulation and air sealing that is used around the perimeter of the building.…

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From Paper to Practice: Garden Level Kitchen

This sketch helped our clients imagine their new, garden level kitchen with the bearing wall removed to capture the full width of the rowhouse. Because the chimney breast could not be removed, it was integrated into the millwork design and used for hanging storage. Working through the sketch together, both the architect and client gain…

Articles and Media

CNN Global Energy Challenge features Baxt Ingui Architects

Michael Ingui explains the basics of a Passive House on CNN Business online from inside one of Baxt Ingui’s passive projects in construction.  In addition to the job site, you will also see the interior and exterior of one of our first certified Passive houses. You would never know it is a high performance building…


Brooklyn Community Housing and Services Celebrates 40 Years!

Our office was delighted to join Brooklyn Community Housing and Services in their most successful event to date to celebrate 40 years of ending homelessness in Brooklyn. BCHS provides safe, clean, supportive housing each year for more than 1,000 formerly homeless and at-risk women, children, and men, and help them learn how to live productively…

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New Addition Brings Rays of Sunshine

We created this new rear addition kitchen with expansive sliding doors and a large skylight that brightens the space and illuminates the natural materials of the kitchen and furniture. The wraparound countertop creates an inviting space for cooking and eating with a view to the backyard. Click below to see Architectural Digest’s feature of this…

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Mixed Material Master Bathroom

The materials of this expansive master bathroom are embraced with natural light to create a space that feels airy and warm. Mixing natural stone, warm wood, and glass creates interest while maintaining a neutral and serene palette. Getting ready every morning can be an enjoyable experience in a space like this. Photography:  Dylan Chandler 

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Stair Sculpture

The continuous metal stringers of this stair creates a three-story piece of sculpture that gently ascends with each curve dancing between solid and void. The stair is no longer wasted space, but rather captured space through artistry. Photography: Peter Peirce, Inc. 

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From Paper to Practice: Plastered Tray Ceiling

Hand sketching is a vital part of our practice since it conveys more information than computer generated drawings can. We love to see the evolution ‘from Paper to Practice’ as the intent comes to life. This tray ceiling was inspired by original plasterwork that was uncovered in this Upper West Side townhouse. The attention to…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We wish an enjoyable weekend to everyone celebrating Mother’s Day! We hope you enjoy the warmer weather, maybe with a few sprinkles making an appearance. This covered outdoor space is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the flowers blooming! Photography:  Dylan Chandler  In collaboration with: M Monroe Design  

Architectural/Project Related News

Bay Window Unlocks A Charming Kitchen

The previous configuration of this kitchen felt cramped and separated from the rest of the parlor living spaces. By adding a two-foot deep bay off the rear of the house, the layout of the space was able to completely change. The new plan allows a significant increase in counter space and natural light, where it…