Brooklyn Preschool of Science – Park Slope

With the energetic Carmelo the Science Fellow (Carmelo Piazza), Baxt Ingui Architects has enthusiastically worked to create the second location for the Brooklyn Preschool of Science  in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  The school for 2 to 4 year olds shares several features with its first location in Cobble Hill including fun, colorful rainbow light walls, themed classrooms in unique geometric shapes, shared animal tank walls between classrooms, and most importantly, access to natural light in every classroom despite the school being below sidewalk level.  We were able to accomplish this by working closely with the developer as they were building the structure to carve out spaces that were open to the sky above and served as big lightwells for the rooms.  These spaces were outfitted with plantings and kid-friendly furnishings to enhance and extend the spaces to the outdoors.  The use of LED lighting throughout allowed for the entire school to have a bright, airy feeling that is welcoming to all the staff and tots that use and bring life to the space.  This was a very fun project for us and it shows in the results.