Custom Craft Feature: Millwork Ties Split Levels Together

By dropping the back half of the parlor floorplate in this otherwise intact Carroll Gardens brownstone, we created a modern, open connection between the living spaces on the two levels. We designed cabinetry to seamlessly connect the lower den with the kitchen and dining area with exposed edge plywood by Appleply combined with laminates and fabric to create playful and cohesive levels of living.

Collaborating as a team was especially important in dealing with this level of detail. Our colleagues at BIA Interiors and the build team SMR Craftworks and Keany Interiors made it possible. Keany Interiors’ ability to mock-up samples and scrutinize details was crucial in achieving a final product to meet everyone’s expectations.

Stay tuned for install photos and more as this project progresses.

Construction in progress – looking at kitchen from living room above.