ERVs – What Are They and How Do They Work?

ERVs, or Energy Recovery Ventilators, are ventilation systems that are installed not only in our Passive houses but now in most of our residential projects. ERVs draw outdoor air into the unit, where heat and moisture are exchanged and the incoming air is filtered and cleaned before introducing it into the rooms of your home. At the same time, stale interior air is sent back through the unit, where the exchanges take place, and exhausted to the exterior. Through this process, incoming cold air is heated and humidified by the interior air that’s being exhausted, and vice versa in the summer months.

Source: Primex HVAC Venting

This exchange of fresh air has proven more and more important as toxins and irritants produced inside the home, like cooking gas, allergens, carbon monoxide, and pet dander can be constantly removed and replaced with fresh, filtered air.

Not only is this well suited for airtight Passive buildings, it is also ideal for anyone looking to improve the indoor air quality of their home, especially since we are all spending more time inside these days.

Source: Zehnder America