Fireplaces as Form and Function!

With the first snowfall in New York City, many are thinking about cozying up to a fire. Many of our clients love the warmth and ambience of a fireplace, but did you know just how many types of fireplace combinations there are? Fireplaces can be traditionally wood-burning, or fueled by gas, or even environmentally friendly ethanol gel. Once the type of fire is determined, we start exploring design options that include location and size, “floating” the fireplace off the ground, salvaging an existing mantel, customizing a new mantel, choosing a material (stone, wood, brick, concrete), choosing a hearthstone, and even picking the material inside the firebox. A lot of thought goes into these fireplaces since they become an organizational focal point. Check out the custom variations below.

Photography (clockwise from top left): , Adam Kane Macchia PhotographyPeter Peirce, Inc., Peter Peirce, Inc., Seth Caplan, Adam Kane Macchia Photography

In collaboration with: Tamara Eaton Design (top left), BIA Interiors (top right, bottom right)