Happy Independence Day from Baxt Ingui Architects!

During this summer holiday weekend, outdoor spaces foster get-togethers and relaxation for those who enjoy Independence Day in NYC. Many of our projects have carefully composed relationships between interior and exterior. Our yards and gardens are beautiful viewed from inside and outside, and functional for entertaining and family living.

Private, ground-level outdoor spaces are rare in New York City, so it is always exciting when a client comes to us wanting to integrate the rear yard into the design of their home. Well-designed outdoor spaces tie a home together and improve the use of often compact lots. Many of our projects flow directly from the entry all the way to the backyard, creating cohesive living spaces.

One of our favorite features to include in our backyard projects is a deck or patio off the parlor floor which connects it to the garden level. Adding two points of entry encourages a more natural circulation to the outside area within the home.

The addition of greenspace to a New York City home is invaluable to our clients. In a city where most greenspaces are shared and heavily trafficked, a private space where homeowners can entertain and relax has the power to transform a home into a peaceful oasis.


Photography: Peter Peirce (Top), John Muggenborg (BM), Adam Kane Macchia (BR)