Have a Spooky Halloween!

We love to see the neighborhood decorations pop up as we approach Halloween. We hope everyone enjoys the costumes, candy, and decorations that transform October 31st into a night of fright and fun!

What’s even scarier than the Halloween decorations is climate change, which has become increasingly undeniable. The US Energy Information Administration estimates that residential and commercial buildings accounted for 40% of total national energy consumption in 2018. This energy consumption leads to high levels of carbon dioxide that accumulate in the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. Because our Passive Houses are retrofitted to existing buildings and have drastically reduced the year-round energy demand of the buildings, they are helping to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels associated with typical construction. Read more about Passive House benefits in this Treehugger ‘What is Passive House’ article that features Michael Ingui following the PassiveHouse Canada conference.

Infographic: CAIT Climate Data Explorer