Manhattan Gets its First Certified Passive House

Historic Landmark Townhouse Receives Dual Certification 

LEED Platinum for Homes meets Passive House this September, as Manhattan welcomes its very first Certified Passive House. A Passive House is a building which optimizes indoor air quality, offers extreme thermal comfort to its tenants, and uses up to 90% less energy than a conventional building.

The meticulously redesigned 25 West 88th Street is not only certified by the Passive House Academy, but also a certified LEED Platinum for Homes building—one of the first buildings to ever achieve dual Passive House and LEED Platinum certification.

Developed by Baxt Ingui Architects, an innovative New York City design firm, this historic landmark building offers the most advanced energy performance and thermal comfort while still maintaining a beautifully- preserved landmark. The clients are especially excited about the design flexibility their unassuming Passive House offers, unconstrained by the bulky ductwork and radiators which occupy space in conventional buildings.

The team at Baxt Ingui Architects has been working with various contractors, consultants, architects, and engineers to develop a replicable Passive House formula. This Upper West Side LEED Platinum and Passive House certified townhome was instrumental in developing Baxt Ingui’s Passive House framework, and the project included insights from industry players like Passive House Consultant, Sam McAfee, and High Performance Building Specialist and Trainer, Kevin Brennan.

Collaboration is the main driver behind the success of Baxt Ingui’s Passive House process. They have applied this process to majestic landmark buildings such as 25 West 88th Street, in addition to tastefully modern handcrafted homes like 20 Garden Place (the first Certified Passive House in a Landmark District) and 78 Third Place (the first Passive Plus House in the United States, combining Passive House and renewables). The process is applicable to any building type at any budget, always yielding breathtaking, high efficiency, healthy, and comfortable buildings which provide ultimate design freedom and lots of room for architectural creativity.

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