Remembering Heather Tilev

We would like to dedicate this blog to a wonderful person we were all very lucky to have in our lives, Heather Tilev.  Heather was not only a colleague to us, she was a mentor, a leader, a friend and someone we all looked up to as the great designer that she was.  Her collaboration with Baxt Ingui began in 2006 as the owner of Tilev Design, and she formally integrated into Baxt Ingui to create BIA Interiors in 2015.  Heather cultivated a thriving team, completed many successful projects and quickly became an integral part of our family.  While Heather’s commitment to her family was her first priority, her commitments to her clients and colleagues and her high standards were uncompromising.  Words are not enough in remembering an artist, but we know that her memory and professionally influence will outlive her in more ways than we can describe.

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