Sleek Sculptural Stair

Our clients envisioned a staircase that would ribbon up through the core of their house. Close collaboration between design team and craftsmen ensured the success of the sculptural, unique, modern stair. In this Brooklyn Heights Passive House, collaboration with J’s Custom Contracting was key.

Resolving sculptural plaster shapes was as important in the spaces above the staircase as the details of the stair itself.

We worked closely with the construction team, using sketches to convey the gestural concept of the staircase. Meeting multiple times a week on-site, where the staircase was being built, allowed us to prefect the unique plaster shapes. This construction method created a dialogue that allowed the design team to perfect details on-site in real time.

Maintaining functionality and ensuring tread spacing and size was proper was as pivotal as perfecting the aesthetic form of the staircase.

Principal Frankie Failla notes that the finished stair serves as an unexpected focal point throughout the entire home, a modern centerpiece to a classic Brooklyn home.

The process of building the stair on site allowed for creative opportunities that would otherwise have been impossible.