Using Reclaimed Materials

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, “If all the dimensional lumber used to build the 1.2 million new homes constructed in the United States each year were laid end to end, it would extend to 3 million miles, the equivalent of going to the moon and back six and a half times” – this sobering statistic that only touches on one of the many materials used in construction has not gone unnoticed by Architects.

Using salvaged materials reduces waste and offers Architects materials typically unavailable to them such as old growth wood. Using reclaimed materials in spaces adds unique character and a sense of history and knowing that a material is getting a second life is a good feeling. Here are some examples of how Baxt Ingui Architects, P.C. has been re-using materials in projects.


These wood floors were saved from a demolition, re-sanded and installed in this townhouse. The nail pattern from its previous life adds character to its new home.

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This fireplace was made using bricks from the original building and stone found on site during excavation.

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The backsplash in this kitchen is made of reclaimed tiles.

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This warm attic space is made entirely of reclaimed wood.