Indoor-Outdoor Living in NYC

A quiet, private indoor-outdoor space is the perfect way to spend hot NYC days and evenings.

In this Brooklyn Heights carriage house, we designed a unique sculptural penthouse. Due to the home’s location in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, vertical additions had to be invisible from the street. An asymmetric curved roofline allowed this addition to maximize space and lightness while meeting NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission’s requirements.

To complete the space, a five-pane NanaWall folding glass system opens completely. Carefully leveled flooring provides a seamless transition from the daybed inside to the living area outside.

Ensuring that interior spaces get plenty of natural light is another effective tool to ensure a home feels bright and inviting throughout the summer months. Large windows on either side of the NanaWall system allow light to stream down through the main staircase into the lower levels of the home.

When these strategies are combined, a summer of indoor-outdoor living becomes effortless.

Photography: Donna Dotan