BIA Interiors

BIA Interiors LLC specializes in creating spaces that are uniquely individual to each client, guiding them through the design process with a focus on well-composed, comfortable, and functional designs ranging from classic townhouse interiors and distinctive apartments, to hospitality and retail environments.

As a team, we help clients discover and develop their personal style and incorporate it into their projects. The cohesive detailing found in all of our projects is heavily influenced by the collaborative work environment in the firm. By working collaboratively with artisans, architects, and construction crews early in the design process, we are able to seamlessly integrate refined interior details into projects.

Featured Projects

Willow Street, Brooklyn Heights

Columbia Heights, Brooklyn

Monroe Place, Brooklyn Heights

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Project Types

Custom Built-Ins

Living Rooms

Kids Spaces


Master Bedrooms

Powder Rooms & Bathrooms

Dining Rooms

Entry Spaces

Office Spaces